Actual Entertainment, the developer and publisher of the Gubble series of games, changed its name to Lanzinger Studio as of December 2016.

The current version of Gubble is called Gubble HD. Soon the name will change to "Gubble Classic". It'll mostly be a technical update with the game pretty much the same. Gubble Classic should be available on Steam in the summer of 2019. Watch this space for news about this.

Coming Soon: a mailing list for Gubble Fans. Instructions on how to join the list will be available here.

Gubble Remastered: We are working on a complete rewrite of Gubble in Unity. The game will have much better graphics, a 3D camera, but basically the same gameplay and levels, plus we're adding new enemies and levels as well. We're planning on getting this into Steam early access later this year.

Gubble 2 is being shelved until 2021. We are planning to do a remastered version of it as well, but no Classic Version.

Finally, this website is, well, too old. Watch for a completely overhauled and improved gubble dot com soon.


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